We Believe in Angles & Straigh Lines - No Curves bring tape art around the world through a cutting-edge minimal style. Love adhesive tape, scissors and cutters.

ph. courtesy by Fikera Studio


//NO CURVES is the pseudonym behind which is hidden one of the most famous tape-artists around. This technique consist in drawing using tape: a product (tape) which is mainly used as a work-tool, in the hands of this artist becomes an extraordinary artistic element, and an instrument to investigate the man of the third millennium. Thanks to the unquestioned technical ability in using tape, NO CURVES is considered one of the major representatives of tape art at an international level; for this, he has been chosen by several international brands for adv campaigns, fashion and urban art events.
His work has been exhibited in major Italian museums and in international projects and galleries.

Info Artworks, Private Collection and Publications available
upon request.  //